About Us

Our company, founded in 1956, has produced for long years different types of shoe polishes, floor polishes and various chemicals to be used in the shoe polish sector.

Starting from 1970’s Kolman has begun to produce on a private label basis the first shoe polish brand of Turkey called “Fenerli”. During the coming years Kolman has bought “Fenerli” brand-name and kept manufacturing shoe polish and polish products for long years.

While producing shoe polish and floor polish was the main activity of the company, starting from 2002 Kolman had decided to direct itself to be a key supplier for all kind of shoe polish raw materials, packaging materials, equipments and technical assistance requested by the shoe polish producer companies. Kolman currently satisfy all the needs of shoe-polish producers based on its long-term experince and know-how.

Apart from this sector, Kolman has further expanded his activities by supplying waxes, emulsions and hotmelts to be used in many differect sectors..

Waxes and hotmelts which are needed by flexible packaging manufacturers in the food sector is another main Koman’s field of expertise. Kolman products currently meet individual customer specifications involving a wide range of business sectors such as leather, PVC, candle, gum base, dental and many others.